Tampa Bay Times Endorses Laura Hine for District 1 Seat

July 17, 2020

Laura remarked on the Tampa Bay Times endorsement, “I am proud of and grateful for the endorsement of the Tampa Bay Times. This has been a big week for endorsements, including from vital organizations Equality Florida and Sierra Club. These endorsements along with the Pinellas County Teachers Association PCTA & PESPAfrom a few weeks ago mean a great deal to me. Should we be successful in the election, I promise to work the best I can with the team to achieve the “system of free public schools [which] allows students to achieve a high quality education” as required by the Florida constitution. Not just some schools, or some students. All schools, all students. It is hard work. It is a big ship to turn and it is hard work. But we can do it. We can. Thank you for the support shown by these important organizations; by friends and family, and by our community!”


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