"I am running for school board because I care deeply about our community and our democracy and I have come to know that public education is the bedrock of their success. I would value the opportunity to bring my passion and experience to serve our schools."

Why Laura?

Why would Laura be a good school board member?

Actively engaged in public education for five years, Laura is an experienced and successful team player, a leader of people and manager of resources with experience in systems of scale who is passionate about education, and the vital role it plays across our community and society. Here are some of her key attributes that would make her an excellent member of your school board.

Value of People

From Division 1 athletics to Navy ships to construction sites, museums, and PTA, across the spectrum, teamwork and knowing the value of people is the key to achievement. In education this translates to our teachers, students, parents, administrators, other board members, government officials and many more in the field of education influencers. We must respect each other, hear each other, dream together and sharpen our pencils together to achieve the very best we can for every student.

Knowledge of Resources

With a degree in aerospace engineering, Laura’s mind sees resources and looks immediately for alignment with mission and optimization. Pinellas County Schools is a $1.5B organization, the largest landholder in Pinellas County, the largest employer in Pinellas County, with the mission of outstanding education for over 100,000 students. The ability to analyze and optimize resources demonstrated through business and executive experience is a prime skillset.

Experience with Scale

Our capitalist democracy is founded on the freedoms of the individual, and it is kept supported and strong by a number of vital government systems of scale to include the military and education. Laura’s experience at the Naval Academy and as an officer in the U.S. Navy give her understanding and appreciation for scaled government systems of people and resources. She values their dedicated mission, their importance to protecting our democracy, and what it takes to make them the best they can be.

Passion for Education

Public school educated through a master’s degree, Laura’s education has served her well professionally and personally, and imbued her with the belief that strong public education is vital for a thriving democracy. When her children were becoming of school age five years ago, Laura’s eyes were opened to the great disparity in opportunities and since then she has shown up - knowing that it is not enough for school to be great for her children - and dedicated her energy and intellect to projects for positive impact.

Embracing her passion for excellence in public education and understanding the vital role it plays in our community and our society, Laura would value the opportunity to apply these attributes to the Pinellas County School Board.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Laura Hine, non-partisan, for Pinellas County School Board, District 1.

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